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Events at the Historic Drummer Samuel Stetson House 2022

The Hanover Historical Society will host and sponsor events throughout 2022. Most will take place at the Historic Drummer Samuel Stetson House at 514 Hanover Street in Hanover Center. The Stetson House is open most Saturdays from 12 noon to 4pm. Please check our Facebook page for the most recent updates.

Stories from the Revolution, a new exhibit the Historic Drummer Samuel Stetson House, open Saturdays from 12 noon to 4pm.

Find the link to join this event here: Calendar – Hanover Historical Society

For more information about Slavery in Hanover visit these sites: Slavery in Hanover – Eleven Names Project ( and StoryMapJS: North River Early Black Heritage Trail (

The Hanover Historical Society's 2022 exhibit: Stories from the Revolution, on display at the Stetson House, April 9 to November 19, 2022. The exhibit will center on a unique and important document, a listing of soldiers in Col. John Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, loaned to the Hanover Historical Society. The first stories to be explored are those of Prince Bailey and Cuffe Tilden, two African-American soldiers from Hanover.

Check the Hanover Historical Society's Web site Calendar for more information about upcoming events: Calendar – Hanover Historical Society or the Historical Society's Facebook page: Hanover MA Historical Society - Home | Facebook,


Mission of the Hanover Historical Society

The Hanover, Massachusetts, Historical Society is a non-profit organization seeking to promote a better understanding of Hanover’s unique heritage by education and preservation. Our educational goals are carried out by creating innovative educational programs and sharing our archives with the public. Preservation goals include conserving our vast collection of books, textiles, and objects and providing a stable environment for their future sustainability. The Hanover Historical Society encourages a better understanding of the town’s history to foster community in the present. Membership is open to anyone interested in Hanover history.